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Monday, July 2, 2012

Bringing Authentic Mexico to Gig Harbor

New building facade
I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch this afternoon at the new Moctezuma's Mexican restaurant in Gig Harbor.  Today, they re-opened their family-owned restaurant after a relocation to the old Harbor Monsoon restaurant on Point Fosdick and major renovation.  I hardly recognized the place!

The building's materials and presence from the outside really make a great first impression.  I couldn't wait to see what they had in store for the interior.  Upon approaching the front door, take a peek above you.  There is an absolutely fantastic metal light fixture that sparkles.  I can't wait to see what it looks like at night.  The front doors are warm and inviting and look like they were probably shipped up from Mexico (see pic).  The entrance to the dining room greets you with beautiful glowing metal globes, a warm tile floor and warm all around you.  There is a fireplace visible upon entry... can't wait to sit around it with my family!

Exterior lighting at entrance
Beautiful large entry doors
I spoke briefly with Bernie Garcia, one of the owners, about the inspiration of the new Moctezuma's, and he shared with me that many of the interior features were brought in from Mexico.  He worked very closely with a designer to realize his vision of making everything authentic.  In my opinion, they were hugely successful.  It appears very customized and artful, while being functional as well.  Special touches like the fireplace in both the lounge and the dining areas make you feel as though you could be in someone's living room.  There are natural woods all around, in many different finishes that add a warmth unobtainable with paint.  The lighting choices are spectacular - I can't say that I've ever seen lighting in a restaurant this well-done.

Lounge with open fire, tall tables and vignettes
The lounge offers many different seating options, depending on whether you are dining alone or with a crowd.  I absolutely love the more private vignettes they've created with banquettes and round tables.  Such a great feature that you just don't see in restaurants anymore!  I know my husband will enjoy this type of dining, reminiscent of the old Black Angus restaurants that used to be around.  

I enjoyed the Mexico City Tacos - a favorite of mine from the 'old' Moctezuma's - and they were fantastic!  I am a big fan of cilantro and carne asada... this dish doesn't disappoint. A friendly staff awaits you!  Come and visit the new Moctezuma's soon!

The friendly ownership group and staff

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